Misinformation  Education

I used to think markets commentary wasn’t a good use of time for our clients. But, with so much profit conflicted “education,” I’ve had enough.

“Vending machines don’t belong in monasteries. So, I created this video as a sacred place to talk markets without someone selling you something.” 


Just markets. Just Us.  

So many other financial professionals mail it in. Vanguard ETFs. A sprinkle of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Why bother?  Just send you all their marketing.

Yes, Environmental Social Governance / Socially Responsible Investing portfolios too, so, clients feel they are saving the world. The marketing. It’s great.

Why bother telling hard truths? 

Like for example, SRI/ESG ETFs are usually three times more expensive (for similar market exposure), and these funds are full of hotdog ingredients, in many cases.

You might not be saving the world as much as you think.

Because It’s harder to tell the truth. It literally costs us more.

It’s worth it to me.


To be misunderstood is to be great – Emerson

A huge part of what we do is empower clients to be themselves. Usually, the first reason they say they can’t is money.


“What is the point of having millions of dollars to live a life you hate?

All this fancy acting. It’s not required with Sara, Jess, or I (soon to be Barclay too–I hope).

A Reminder: Be You  

You will not be judged because you are hard core republican, gay, trans, into heavy metal, classical music, a woman that makes a lot of money, swear in ‘professional” meetings, old, young, white, Asian, black, Latino, believe in god, in evolution, don’t drink, come from nothing, come from money, like cannabis, have childhood trauma, raised in a great family, never want to stop working, hate what you do, love what you do, or maybe you just really love to read Harry Potter books, and the list goes on forever, it’s all good with us.

Just be you.

Serious about you getting it

We take your life savings. Your goals.

What is entrusted to us seriously. Even if I engage in a little sprinkle of profanity, jokes, and use analogies.

I want to be myself too. Why?

Because we really want you to feel our passion, and education in your bones.

I held zero punches on how​I feel about everything. Feel free to spar with me on any of my points, or ask questions.

If you are a peer, and we can do better, tell me, and we will listen.

Look I don’t pretend to have all the answers–At all

I just promise to be myself and share what I see in the markets.


What you can expect for the investment in your time – 50 mins

  1. Education first, with uncommon sense – 20 mins first (even if you feel you know it all, maybe you might enjoy it:)
  2. Pictures and titles only, and video at your leisure, not tons of text – 30 mins
    1. Financial planning implications at the end
    2. Discovered links I learned that are interesting, helpful or educational (so you don’t have to drink dirty information wells on social media)
  3. For my peers, some masterclass investment content you might like



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