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What we see typically see in the marketplace1
Financial Planning
Outsourcing of Stress and Time to Make Financial Decisions
Proactive Guidance on Financial Strategies
Cash-Flow Based Planning and Monte Carlo Analysis
Confidence to Spend A Specific Dollar Amount In Retirement
Vacation Home Guidance and Rental Profitability Analysis
Pension Vs. Lump Sum Analysis
Health Savings Account Optimization for Tax Savings
Corporate Deferred Compensation or 457(b) Optimization for Tax Savings
College Planning Analysis
Equity Compensation Analysis: RSUs, PRUs, ISOs, NSOs, ESPP
Review of Legacy Products and Trade-Off Analysis: Non-traded REITs, Variable Annuities, Equity-Indexed Annuities, Market-Linked CDs, Permanent insurance (Whole, UL, VUL, VL, and trade-offs), etc.
Optimization of Workplace Benefits: Health Insurance, HSA, Disability, Life, and Other Executive Benefits.
Social Security Optimization
Portfolio Management
Outsource Your Time Required to Manage Portfolio
Low-Cost Fully Diversified Investments
Customized Portfolio
Trigger-Based Rebalancing
Trigger-Based Tax-Loss Harvesting
Cash/Emergency Amount + Highest Yield & Optimization
Simplify & Consolidate Accounts
Portfolio Management To Reduce Sequence of Withdrawal Risk
Tax-Efficient Investment Placement
401(k) Review to Potentially Reduce Fees and Optimize Allocation
Custom Direct Indexing
Stock Options Analysis and Strategy
Private Investments, No-Commission Insurance, and Unique Investments
Proprietary Products for Sale
Tax Minimization Planning
Deep Integration Between Tax Planning and Investments
Prioritization of Withdrawals or Additions From Portfolio
Tax-Advantaged Charitable Giving
Tax Return Analysis and Recommendations
Tax Return Preparation Included2
Withholding and Estimates Review to Reduce Tax Suprises
Execute Back-Door Roth
Review and Assist with Mega Back-Door Roth
Partial Roth Conversion Analysis And Execution
MARGIN Wealth Management
1-800 Number / Robo-Advisor
Traditional Independent Wealth Management
Insurance Company / Bank Advisor
Commission Based Broker


1. Information presented believed to be factual and up-to-date, but we do not guarantee it’s accuracy and should not be regarded as complete analysis of the subjects discussed. This information should not be considered as investment advice or as a recommendation. Investors should always consult a firm’s disclosure statements before making any decisions about what is right for the investor. MARGIN, LLC (“MARGIN”) is an investment registered with the State of Colorado. Registration does not imply any level of skill or training. A copy of MARGIN’s current written disclosure statement discussing MARGIN’s business operations, services, and fees is available upon request.

2. Outsourced tax preparation availability based on level of assets managed, tax complexity, and current compacity of tax preparation.

Our Fees

Client Assets Under Management
Paid Quarterly Fee
First $2,500,000
$2,500,001 to $5,000,000
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000
$10,000,001 to $100,000,000

1. The asset-based fees described above are “blended” such that the percentage rates are applied to each corresponding range of assets, resulting in a combined fee. For example, a client with $3,500,000 under our management would pay 0.90% on the first $2,500,000, and 0.50% on the next $1,000,000.

2. There is a $12,500 annual minimum for all new clients with less complex tax preparation, and a $10,000 minimum excluding tax preparation. This covers asset management up to $1,000,000.

We work best with:

We add the most amount of value when prospective on-going clients have:

Household Investable assets of $1MM+

And / Or

Household Personal Income of $500,000+


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