Based on complexity

We NEVER earn commissions or asset-based fees, because we don’t sell products. We earn one fee.

We believe selling products AND having a fee structure based on assets under management creates a conflict of interest.

96% of firms charge asset-based fees. Some firms charge 1% asset-based fees, plus financial planning fees, and tax preparation fees separately. 

Many potential clients tell us they paid higher fees when they were clients at other firms, while receiving less in-depth and personalized planning specific to their needs.

They are redefining the approach to financial planning, basing it on personal relationships and intentional, individual goals rather than trying to shoehorn each client into products that make the advisor the most money through exorbitant & unnecessary fees.   

We only work with:

We add the most amount of value when prospective clients have:


$250K or greater in total personal income

AND/OR Investable assets

$500K greater in asset or $150K+ savings per year

Ongoing Planning

Services are billed quarterly with a one-time on-boarding fee, depending on complexity.

Services include: complete tax preparation, discretionary investment management, and in-depth financial planning.


$ Minimum

$1,500 Per Quarter

Established based on the complexity of your financial life.

Complexity Shifts

$ increase

A complexity adjustment may be applied for increased situational/technical complexities.

Tax & Financial Planning


Investment Management

Factors Driving Complexity*

Financial planning

  • Couple or individual
  • Greater number of meetings needed
  • Number of years from targeted financial independence
  • Restricted Stock, PRUs, RSUs, ISOs, and/or ESPPs
  • Deferred compensation analysis 
  • Second home / vacation home purchase                                                


  • Number of investment accounts
  • Managing existing portfolios with margin or loan balances  
  • Low basis stock or concentrated stock
  • Assistance of due diligence in private investments 

Tax planning and preparation

  • Greater than a 1040, one state tax return, and three 1099s
  • Rental Estate Package: LLC setup(s), minimizing gains or maximizing losses for potential sales, scenario analysis, cost segregation, and due diligence assistance
  • Solopreneur Package: choice and set-up of entity, reasonable compensation, quarterly estimates, and qualified retirement plan options


*This is not meant as an exhaustive list, but a reflection of the common factors of complexity in our client engagements.