…that took a best strategy for you approach, and charged transparently for services with a focus on saving you TIME and money. 

…where the clients didn’t have to be the middle men anymore to their CPA and financial advisor?

So, what is the best version of your life worth? And, how fast can we help you get there?


Pricing and Relationship

Are you a fiduciary, what does that really mean?

First, we only get paid by you.  Other advisors earn hidden commissions, or fees on related business, or products. We don’t. Second, we belong to the Fee-Only Network and NAPFA as well. We adhere to their strict definitions of what a fiduciary is as well. We take this one step further, and do not charge asset-based fees. This removes the conflict of interest on whether one dollar should go into your lifestyle, kids, rentals, business, portfolio, or sit in cash. We want our compensation to be aligned with what’s best for you and your family. Always.


Can I just have my taxes prepared by you? Do I need to do investments and financial planning too?

We are designed and structured to best serve clients with combined services in tax, financial planning, and investments, in some cases we make exceptions.

What's the difference between what you do, and the person who prepares my taxes?

Most tax preparers complete your taxes quickly and compliantly. Many are overworked, and underpaid. So, they do not have time to proactively guide you on saving taxes throughout the year, and execute recommendations. We feel this is how you earn the highest return-on-investment of our services.

Why is reviewing my taxes so important every year? Are tax estimates really that important?

Are you okay with giving the IRS a tax-free loan? What about paying them penalties? There are so many other great organizations you could make charitable donations to. Time and time again, entrepreneurs or higher-income earners make this mistake, unknowingly, because there is no planning. 

What if you review my prior taxes and find an error, or opportunity, what happens next?

In most engagements we review prior tax returns: looking for opportunities or mistakes. Sometimes we can amend, and sometimes the statute of limitations has passed. At times this will be outside our scope, and may be another cost to amend. 

Investment Management

Is there a minimum amount of assets or income required for you to take a client?

Because of our limited client capacity, and firm minimum, our clients usually have a minimum of $1,500,000 investable assets, and/or $500,000 in personal income.

How much value can tax-loss harvesting really provide?

We are very sensitive to taxes, and harvest both losses and gains when prudent to do so, based on your specific situation. Your return on investment with tax-loss harvesting is dependent on the volatility of your portfolio, your current and forecasted tax bracket, and how much money you have in taxable accounts. Sometimes it’s huge, and sometimes it’s not.

What steps do you proactively take in a market downturn?

In March 2020, every client got a call. We talked through how they were feeling and their options, and their financial goals. We also added a lot of value tax-loss harvesting for clients. The same thing happened to start the year in 2022, and we will keep doing this at each downturn.

How often do you review my investments?

We review all client portfolios at a minimum quarterly, and actively during times of significant volatility.

How do I know you won't run off with my money?

A few things that protect you: We do not have direct access to accounts that are owned by you and custodied at TD Ameritrade, our firm’s third-party custodian. Lastly, TD Ameritrade Institutional says, “If you lose cash or securities from your account due to unauthorized activity, we’ll reimburse you for the cash or shares of securities you lost.“

Where will my assets be held?

 All assets are held at a third-party custodian: TD Ameritrade.

How do you determine what I should be invested in?

We gauge risk based on your ability, willingness, and need for return. Taxes, and lower cost investments pay a large role as well. Finally, we take into account your business, real estate, and other personal factors and preferences.



And get on our calendar, don’t worry, If we aren’t the right fit after reading about what you need, we’ll be respectful of your time, and do our best to provide other alternatives.


Let’s mutually interview for 30 minutes to ensure we both believe it’s going to be a great working relationship. 


We may request more information be securely uploaded before quoting you a scope and fee.


A quote, and video if needed, describing our services one more time and answering any clarification questions.


We are in no rush for potential clients to make a quick decision.

*At this point, If you decide that it’s not a good fit, we will wish you all the best and every success. In other words, there is never a hard-sell or pressure to say yes.


We will send an online on-boarding package that includes an engagement letter, invoice, and information we need to get started.