MARGIN’s clients participated in an NPS Survey– here are the unedited results.


How do you trust words that sound too good to be true?
You read them for yourself.

You’re more likely to walk into a place if it has windows for you to peak through instead of a building that’s boarded up. Why shouldn’t you have the same standards for the person managing your life savings?

Let’s raise the blinds so you can see right into our shop.
We’ve got nothing to hide.

First off, we work with people we actually enjoy working with who love working with us.

Who’s that?
Humble, respectful, transparent clients, who value our work.

Simply put, we’re picky. We turned down a $50 million client because it wasn’t a good mutual fit. They were shocked. We were not.

We currently have 24 clients.
We have turned down $150k in recurring revenue because working with the right people is worth more than money to us.

That’s why we didn’t want to waste one dollar or minute investing our resources into things that don’t matter for our clients.

Check out what they had to say in the video below.


What you can expect for the investment in your time– 13 mins

  1. A breakdown of what our current clients have to say about MARGIN and our team.
  2. Insight on how we’re taking immediate action and implementing their feedback.
  3. A heads-up on what’s to come in the near future for our clients, and how it could not only benefit them, but their families, friends, and children.


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