FREE Exercise: Find What REALLY Keeps You From Achieving Your Financial Goals.

Feb 22, 2021 | Blog, Newsletter

Because do you really care about saving taxes or making more money if you can never BE, DO, OR have what you want in life? 


Sorry, what’s the point?



Remember. YOU had a dream…
Remember the moment?


Doubt. Resistance…Stephen King scary music…
Just lay down.
Not your time.



Let me backup a second.

It’s ALL my fault.
If you are on this list, we consider you a part of our MARGIN tribe…You’re at our lunch table, so I want to provide more value, and show our story.

Starting with some important non-technical work…

What we tell our clients:

We know what it’s like to be up at 3AM, alone, with all the noise in your head of it’s…never…going…to…happen…

Next time, stop the Steven King music, and find your stones.

All it took was five stones David used to defeat Goliath.
Consistent right beliefs + Consistent right actions = outcomes.

Read that again. Beliefs + Action = Outcome. 1+2=3.



250+ hours of my life
I want to share an exercise we started doing with our clients to find the hidden beliefs they have about their money.

Blogs, forums, videos, books, white papers, continuing ed, and peer review. Not “fufu stuff.” This is battle tested. It gets results.

Charge you?
A new client recently said I should charge money for the exercise, and create a standalone offer to review with people.

No thanks.
I’d like to give it away because he told me how much it impacted his life, and I want you to feel the same way. 

It’s where you will find all your stones. 

Everyone including you are David in some way with your finances, and now it’s time you find the real Goliath.

So, let’s start with step one.

What do you believe?






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