Do you value what your advisor does for you enough that you would confidently take the risk and recommend them to somebody who is incredibly important to you?


 Here are a few things you should know about all referrals to us.

It’s Possible “talk”

We all have family, friends, co-workers, and other people in our life that needed a financial help decades ago. They never got it.

It stings every time we hear it “I wish I would’ve talked to someone like you…sooner.” 

We aim to have proactive and empowering conversations with the right balance of hope and concern. 

How do I know if someone needs your services?

Here’s common financial life triggers we hear often:

– High amounts of taxes, and lack of planning to take advantage of strategies to lower them over the long-term

– Things “slipping through the cracks.” Busy professional or growing family running out of time

– Increase in financial complexity: overwhelming with more options; don’t know what they don’t know

– Need another set of eyes, or validation before making a decision 

What if my referral is not a good fit?

First, please read when it financially makes sense to hire us. But, what if we meet with someone who we feel we are not best to serve?
We leave the referral in a better place with resources, or another professional to help them, when we can’t.

Do we Pester your referral until they work with us?

No, we reach out, schedule a mutual fit meeting, explain our scope of services, and quote them a fee. That’s it. We’ll reach out after that meeting a few times to follow-up, and If we don’t hear back, we’ll wish them well, and assume they got help another way with no hard feelings.

Absolute confidentiality

Referrals to us have been patients, sorority sisters, ex-spouses, bosses, kids, parents, and competitors in business. You might worry your business will be discussed by someone you refer. It won’t. We hold your information in the strictest of confidence.

Plus, our clients rock!

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