Flat Fees

Fewer than 5% of all advisors charge flat feesWe have chosen to be part of that 5% because:

  • Why would we charge you more just because you have more money? Or serve you less thoroughly because you have less?
  • We cannot "turn off" our fiduciary responsibility for certain services or for any reason. We believe it is our duty to always be a fiduciary for our clients.
  • We do not earn commissions or asset-based fees because we don't sell products.
  • We believe selling products AND asset-based fee create a conflict of interest, and we don't believe it is equitable to charge more in fees just because your asset balances have increased.

One-Time Planning: Fixed Fee Plans

Designed for clients who aren't ready for on-going services.

We offer a conversation around specific planning topics without comprehensive detailed analysis or implementation. Would you like validation or stress testing of current areas within your plan?

For questions like:

  • “Should I keep or sell my rental property?”
  • “How should I prioritize my savings/investment contributions?”
  • “Is my current portfolio tax-efficient, and is the risk appropriate for my goals?”

Please note these services do not include tax preparation, or on-going investment management. Also, fixed fee services are usually not appropriate for a question like, “Can I retire now?” which requires detailed analysis. If you need or want more help implementing our advice, we can apply this engagement to our on-going services within 60 days from the completion of planning.

Ongoing Planning:

These services are billed quarterly with a one-time on-boarding fee. All on-going engagements include: complete tax preparation, discretionary investment management, and in-depth financial planning, at no additional charge. These services include meeting at a minimum annually, and a 48-hour targeted client response time.

Low complexity 

From $1,250 to $1,874 per quarter 

For example, a retired single school teacher with no kids, social security income, and two investment accounts. Or, a single high income young professional with only W2 income, simple employee benefits, and one outside investment account.

Moderate complexity 

From $1,875 to $3,125 per quarter 

For example, a single doctor new home owner interested in owning rentals with W2 wages transitioning to self-employment and needing a solo-401(k), in need of proactive tax planning, and student loan versus investment account trade-offs.

High complexity

From $3,126 to $5,000 per quarter

For example, a couple with over seven different investment accounts, foreign assets, two rentals, one business interest, equity compensation, retiring in under 10-years with college planning needs.

Factors Driving Complexity*

Financial planning 

  • Number of years from targeted financial independence
  • Rental real estate cashflow, investment and tax analysis
  • Multiple workplace benefits reviews, and/or deferred compensation
  • Education or gift planning for children or charitable planning
  • Business retirement plans, or exit strategy
  • Cross-border planning

Tax planning and preparation

  • Restating or amending returns
  • Business, K1s, trusts, rentals, self-employment income
  • Multi-state, income apportionment
  • Married filling separately / divorced
  • International compliance: FBAR, Foreign Tax Credit, and PFIC
  • Oil and gas: working interest versus royalties
  • Equity compensation: ESPP, ISOs, NQSOs, and RSUs
  • Cryptocurrency


  • Number of investment accounts
  • Portfolio withdrawals or additions
  • Low basis stock or concentrated stock
  • Foreign assets or pensions
  • Workplace retirement accounts
  • Private investments


  • Client communication frequency, style, and level of detail
  • Client engagement in the process
  • Level of risk taken by the firm

*This is not meant as an exhaustive list, but a reflection of the common factors of complexity in our client engagements. 

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