Flat Fees

Flat Fees

Fewer than 5% of all advisors charge flat fees ONLY. We're in that 5% because:

  • Why would we charge you more just because you have more money? Or serve you less thoroughly because you have less? Traditional asset-based fees create too many conflicts of interest.
  • We also don't want to be incentivized to sell you ANY particular financial product.
  • Commissions, like just asset-based fees, also create conflicts of interest.

It's not perfect, but the outcome of our fee structure is that we are always a fiduciary. We cannot "turn off" our fiduciary responsibility for certain services or for any reason. Our flat annual fees are billed quarterly, based on client complexity.

Our services and fixed fees are based on the depth and breadth of the value we provide. 

The following are the services that could be included in your engagement, depending on the scope:

  • Financial Vision, Cash Flow Planning, and Net Worth Review;
  • Tax Preparation, Projections, Proactive Strategic Tax Planning, and Minimization;
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis and Implementation;
  • Financial Independence and Pre-Retirement Planning;
  • Primary Residence Liabilities Review, Optimization, and Tradeoffs;
  • Start-up & Corporation Benefit Reviews: Insurance, Employee Equity Compensation and others;
  • Charitable and College and Education Planning;
  • Packaged Product Analysis, Trade-offs, and Recommendations;
  • Advocate in communication with Attorney, and/ or Insurance Broker;
  • Small Business and Entrepreneur Services: Coaching, Consulting and Exit Planning;
  • Small Direct Investment Property Analysis and Review;
  • Expatriate/International Coordination of Investments and Taxes; and
  • Assistance with estate planning (MARGIN provides context on why estate planning is important, and high-level guidance; authoring of legal documents completed by an attorney chosen by the client).

***Due to the vast variety and scope of each client case, we determine fees on a case-by-case basis.

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