Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


  • Revenues from $500k to $10MM
  • Joint net income from $300k and up, or single income at $250K and up. 
  • You need to minimize taxes, grow your company, and invest outside your business in addition to coordinating all the elements within your personal financial life.



- Every year, you ask your CPA, “Are you sure you’re doing everything to lower my taxes?”

- You don’t remember your CPA ever presenting a way to lower your taxes more than $1,000.

- All your friends go on and on about these tax tips and tricks, but do any apply to you?

You’re thinking, “It’d be great if my CPA just called me back.”

Sure, they put all your numbers in boxes, but you need quarterly and multi-year proactive planning and an overall strategy—not just for your business, but for your personal taxes, too.

Even though you are running a $5MM business, you might feel outgunned, overwhelmed. Just making sure nothing falls apart. In your industry, you might think your company should sell for 2.0X multiple, but you don’t know.

You know your company is not ready to be sold, but you might not be ready either, or you don’t know where to start.

You’re saying to yourself, “How can I make so much money, but things feel out of control? It seems like everyone else has things together… Is it just me?”

No, you’re not alone. There are a lot of people who aren’t getting value from their current financial advisor. Can we say it? It might be a relationship of inertia, not a relationship with someone who maximizes the value of your business and your life.

What if someone could help you maximize the value of your exit, reduce the transaction costs associated with selling, minimize taxes, and keep you emotionally together when the highs and lows of selling a business start to take their toll? What if someone could make your firm worth buying?

Someone who could look at the trade-offs of investing in the markets, real estate, and your business—all of them. A strategy to address each element of your wealth: taxes, investments, and your business.

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