Pre-retiree and Work Optional

Pre-retiree and Work Optional


  • Minimum investable assets of $500K
  • Targeting financial independence in the next 10 years
  • You need proactive planning around taxes, and confidence around how much money is enough, and confidence around how you’ll enjoy your free time.



- You need a plan for when to elect Social Security and how retirement would look without it.

- You need to know how to deal with a recession in retirement 

- You need to know how to minimize your taxes so you have more income.

- You’re concerned that if you retire too early, you might not be able to financially help your parents or children when they need you.

- Or, maybe, a nagging thought is still lingering in your mind: “I think I have enough money, but what will I do with my time?”

You’re thinking, “Why does every advisor just show me calculations? 50-page plans? There's no conversation. I feel like a number. Why should I pay so much money with this asset-based fee that increased so fast with the increase in the market?”

You’ve done a great job being a diligent saver, but have you had a serious talk about what it’s going to be like to not work? Have you had these vital conversations about the possibility of taxes going up or a recession hitting during your retirement? 

If not, you’re not alone. We can help. 

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