Our Story & Vision

MARGIN evolved to help clients simplify their lives

There are too many financial advisors and CPAs who claim to be “partners,” but it’s usually just a one-off, let’s-talk-if-you-need-me last-minute end-of-year referral partnership.

We know firsthand this doesn’t work for you or our clients. 


You don’t want to be a middle man translating time-sensitive and complex tax or investment strategies, scheduling appointments, hoping everyone is doing the right thing once the meeting is over, and no value is missed.


You need execution. 


Even if you find two firms you like, you know it’s too expensive to spend time, money, and energy orchestrating each of these components. 


You can’t afford to do that anymore.


MARGIN evolved for clients who feel pain due to an overload of priorities and rising time pressure: small business owners, high-income professionals, pre-retirees, and cross-border global citizens.


Clients who have complicated, and constantly changing financial situations, and no time to waste. Clients who need fully integrated financial planning, investment management, and tax services on an on-going proactive basis. The bottom line is that we serve people who just want life to be more streamlined and simplified.

Something better for our clients

After two years of running a wealth management practice, Eric kept hearing the same things from clients: 


“I’d love to execute your strategies, but my CPA doesn’t understand what you’re talking about.” 


“They flat-out said you can’t do that.” 


“I’m sorry, they don’t have time or can’t get in touch with us to proactively plan.”


In response, Eric envisioned a CPA who could integrate his financial planning and investment management with taxes, simplify complicated tax planning, and collaboratively execute in-depth comprehensive strategies for his clients. 


He envisioned two professionals always doing what's in the client's best interest—not only because they’re required by law, but because they want to.


So, Eric began the long journey of reaching out to a list of 3,000 CPAs in Denver not too far from his age range. One by one. Call by call. Meeting by meeting. He was striking out. But, determination kept him searching for a tall order: a CPA with technical chops, unique experience, shared values and vision for running a firm. 


An impossible list.


He persisted. 

On the other end of town

Sara was building her tax preparation business. By the end of the year, Sara had met more than 30 financial advisors. 


After many painful pitches, she learned some were great, but many sold unnecessary products; provided no or low education to clients; charged high investment fees; created unnecessary fire drills, and watched idly as thousands (to tens of thousands) of dollars of tax savings slipped through the cracks every year because advisors didn’t execute on what they promised. 


She was tired of watching her clients try to relay tax and investment language as middle men.


There had to be a better way for clients. Someone she could truly partner with.


One day she got an email from Eric asking to meet. Over coffee, they both quickly realized they shared a similar vision to serve clients. 


Without the back and forth. Just two people, passionate about serving their clients. Professionals excited to work proactively behind the scenes on your behalf. 


The rest, as they say, is history.

Enter Margin

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