Only 1% of businesses create enough wealth solely from the sale for the owner to become financially independent. That number is tiny because only 22% of business owners have any formal exit planning or written plan for growth.

We get it: Your most important investment, your biggest asset, is your business.

Let's maximize that investment. We get it. We’re entrepreneurs too. 

What personalized steps can you take right now to increase the value of your business?  


Did you know?

  • You can get an educated guideline estimate of what your business is worth without spending tens of thousands of dollars on consultants, valuations, or "experts."
  • Your old 401(k) plan from your ADP or Paychex might be “free” while actually costing you AND your employees tens of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars in higher fees and lost returns.
  • We can help you create a system of intangible leading key performance indicators (KPIs) that will REALLY drive sales, so you can start to gauge where to focus your energy to create more cash flow.
  • There are accounting systems to keep KPIs in your business... and you away from the daily grind of bookkeeping and guesswork.
  • 80% of what drives value is the same for ALL businesses, and only 20% is the secret sauce. Buyers will look at the bulk of the meal before savoring all the uniqueness you created.

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