Our Story & Vision

I've always envisioned MARGIN like my go-to farm-to-table restaurant.
Creative. Hand-crafted advice. Priced equitably. That's MARGIN.

What We DON'T Do: We don't sell products or charge asset-based fees. We don’t invest your money without a plan that you really believe in AND can follow. We don’t provide boilerplate advice based on rules of thumb. And we don't judge your past experiences or your future dreams.

What Is Margin?

"Having a balanced financial plan is much like having a balanced lifestyle."

My Story

Why I Started MARGIN

My perfectly timed career in finance began in 2008, working with clients at a private wealth management firm. When the recession hit, my curiosity about investment research became an obsession, leading me to work as a valuation analyst performing valuations on small and mid-sized healthcare transactions.

Then, after finishing the CFA program, I moved into working as a Product Analyst at Transamerica, where I analyzed the firm's mutual fund landscape and eventually stumbled into leading their exploration into ETFs.

In short order, a promotion into Corporate Competitive Analysis led to daily deep dives into the complex inner workings of insurance and investment products. I found the work fascinating: our team’s research helped synthesize key industry developments, countless insurance and investment products, and competitor intelligence for a Fortune 500 C-Suite.


Something Was Missing...

Research and analysis kept me further away from the deeply satisfying work of hand-crafting individual value for clients. As my dreaded 3:00 A.M. Sunday morning spreadsheet-filling wore thin, I returned to wealth management at a bank Private Client Group.

Unfortunately, the role was not what I envisioned. Unfortunately, a culture of ruthless incentives and constant managerial “encouragement” pressured me to treat clients like profit centers instead of patients entrusted to my professional care. It felt wrong.

I was being required to spoon-feed conflicted, watered-down advice and charge confusing, high, asset-based fees. I couldn't sleep at night. The steady check wasn't worth violating my own personal values, so I did something about it.

I asked myself: "What would I really want as a client?"

I'd want authentic, unconflicted, handcrafted advice. I'd want transparent pricing and a focus on value adding services.

Enter Margin

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